April 24, 2024

Guidelines for Editorials

EmComm Brief Editorial Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in sharing your editorial work with EmComm Brief.  The following editorial guidelines will help guide you through the process of submitting your articles for consideration to be published on EmComm Brief.  If you have any questions after reviewing these guidelines, please contact us at admin @ emcommbrief.com.

Monthly Themes

Each month EmComm Brief publishes editorials targeted towards a specific theme related to the field of public safety emergency communications.  While you are welcome to submit your article at any time throughout the year, EmComm Brief reserves the right to determine which monthly theme your article would best be suited for publication.   Please review our Editorial Calendar for information on which month your topic would be suitable so that you can plan accordingly.  You can obtain a copy of our Editorial Calendar via our contact form.


Article deadlines are the 15th of the month preceding the month of publication.  For example, for consideration for publication in July, your article must be submitted to us by June 15th

Publication Schedule

EmComm Brief publishes editorials on a bi-monthly basis.  Once a submission has been received, EmComm Brief reserves the right to determine which of the two dates within a month that an editorial will be published to the site. 

Submission Format

Editorials/articles should be submitted in either a MS Word file or a Rich Text Format file in an email to admin @ emcommbrief.com.  Always include your contact information with the submission.

Most of our features are in the 1,500-2,500 range. Try to use subheadings to divide the text into sections as appropriate.

EmComm Brief’s editorial staff will also polish any “rough edges” when necessary to increase readability without weakening your points. Once an article is selected, we will be in touch through the process, and you will always see the article after layout to have another chance to catch any errors, make minor corrections or clarifications, etc.

Any references to persons and/or products must include full citations, i.e. full name, company and company’s location. 

Articles with Graphics/Artwork

A few guidelines for submitting editorials/articles with graphics or artwork:

  1. All artwork must be camera-ready. We will not accept photocopies, color copies, lasers, inkjets, polaroids or image cut outs.
  2. Artwork must in a digital format approximately 300dpi in .TIF or .EPS format.  Files may also be submitted in .PNG or .SVG format that have been optimized for web sites. 
  3. All artwork must be submitted digitally in a .zip file attached to the email with your article submission.
  4. All artwork/graphics must be free from copyrights and you assert that you own and/or are authorized to use the artwork/graphic with your articles submission.  


Embed charts or tables in the Word (or other processing program) file itself. Submit graphics separately (as described above) and simply refer to them in the text where appropriate. We will lay the graphics out in the online story. Any editorials/stories submitted with embedded charts, or tables will be sent back to the author to remove and resubmit.

Author information. At the end of the article, please include text for a credit line. Some elaboration is allowed, but the minimum should include position, company, location, and any contact info you care to provide readers who may want to follow up, including any combination of fax, phone, website, or e-mail details you wish.